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When we first started Love Crystals UK, our main aim was to help people focus on caring for themselves in the super busy world we live in.

Our newest collection has been a year in the planning and months in the making!

From being a small child, I always remember the holistic approach to healing that my family had. If I was poorly, or feeling under the weather, essential oils would be the first port of call. To this day, I would still rather use a holistic approach rather than delving into the medicine cabinet.

My auntie, Marion Del Gaudio Mak, is an acclaimed clinical aromatherapist, holistic therapist and published author (Aromatherapy: Simply for you & Aromatherapy: The Baby Book). I am so grateful to be working with her on this project. I was her test subject for Aromatherapy: The Baby Book!

Through this Self Care Collection we are committed to enhancing wellbeing through natural methods that harness the physical and psychological effects that essential oils and crystals are believed to possess to bring about harmony and balance.

Initially we have created five signature blends, formulated using high quality pure essential oils carefully chosen for their properties and their ability to enhance wellbeing, as well as complimenting the properties of the chosen crystals.

Using these five signature blends we have created a range of products to promote self care. We will be expanding the range further so keep an eye out… Because self care isn’t just for Sunday!