Do we know where your crystals come from (ie. the country of origin)?

Yes, We source our crystals from Argentina, Brazil and Pakistan. We also have a UK wholesaler who is well regarded in the industry.

Do our crystal providers ever personally travel to the mines to ensure that all the correct procedures are being followed?

Our suppliers work closely with the mines they source from. Our UK wholesale supplier also works closely with the mines they source from and they regularly travel around the world visiting mines.

Do we know your wholesalers ethical practices (ie. does your wholesaler have an ethical statement)?

Yes, our wholesale supplier is well established and has an ethics policy in place. They are well respected and are known for changing their suppliers if deemed necessary for ethical reasons.

Are we in regular contact with your wholesalers to ensure you’re up to date with their treatment of their staff, and environmental impact?

There is no denying that we are in contact with our suppliers… We must drive them mad several times a week. We have regular contact; in person, video calls and via WhatsApp. They are so accommodating and are more than happy to answer any queries. Nothing is too much trouble. Like when Mrs LC decided she wanted not 1 but 3 huge Rose Quartz slabs for our wedding cake to sit on… the process of sourcing them, picking them and shipping them took months because between us we wanted to ensure that they were ethically sourced and transported in the most eco-friendly way from Brazil!