Intention-setting is a powerful exercise to manifest happiness, love, and stability in our lives.

From the food we feed ourselves to the career paths we follow, all decisions start with an intention. Intention-setting is the first step in creating our own destiny, and it can help us sustain a positive outlook as we move toward our goals.

The healing power of crystals can aid in this process. Similar to written lists, crystals serve as visual reminders of the intentions we set, and they can easily be worked into a pre-existing meditation or intention-setting routine.

Follow this simple four-step process to create crystal-clear intentions.

Step 1: Connect.

Each crystal is associated with a specific meaning, energy, and intention. We’re drawn to crystals like we are drawn to particular colors and scents, and we’re often pulled toward the ones that contain the energy we’re subconsciously trying to bring into our lives.

When choosing a crystal to work with, first focus on its color and shape rather than its specific healing properties. Your intuition will lead you in the right direction, toward the crystals that will help you manifest what you truly need in your life.

Step 2: Cleanse and clear.

Once you have picked a crystal, it’s important to cleanse it of any negative energy it may have picked up from those who handled it before you. There are many ways to cleanse crystals (see our guide to cleansing crystals here). You can set it under a full moon for the evening, cleanse it with sage smoke by holding it above the sage as the smoke rises, or soak it in a sea salt bath. Before you place it in water, check that your crystal is not soluble.

Step 3: Set your intention.

Hold your crystal in your dominant hand and clear the mind of any negative or unwanted thoughts. This may take time at first, but it will get easier with practice. When choosing an intention to set, think of the bigger picture. For example, don’t set the intention: “I want to win a million dollars.” Instead, set one like this: “I wish to bring new financial opportunities into my life, along with the courage to follow these opportunities.”

Still your mind and begin to focus on your crystal and the intention you have chosen for it. Describe your intention aloud, and repeat these words until you feel this energy has connected with your crystal. Your intuition will tell you when your intention is set.

Step 4: Revisit the energy.

Keep your crystal in your pocket, on your desk, under your pillow, or next to your bed to serve as a constant reminder of the positive intentions you have set. Revisit and reset your intentions weekly to continue on your positive journey. Stay conscious of the energy you are bringing in. Be positive, and positivity will come to you.