*** New & Improved ***

A lovely starter kit for children to start learning about healing crystals.


This kit contains 6 crystal gemstones;

Rose Quartz – loving energy, positive, compassion & forgiveness
Amethyst – protective, improves concentration, wards off nightmares, creativity & emotional understanding
Citrine – happiness, confidence & vitality
Carnelian – promotes confidence, joy, strength, creativity
Sodalite – promotes individuality, calm, clarity of thought & concentration
Selenite – cleanses & calms the aura


Each kit comes ready to gift, enclosed in a cotton drawstring pouch and a description of each crystal.


Please note:  These are real crystals so each piece differs in shape, size, markings & tone.

Disclaimer: As anyone who loves crystals as much as we love crystals at Love Crystals will know, crystals have been used for centuries to aid your natural healing. Any products or descriptions offered by us are only to be used as a compliment to professional medical advice and are certainly no substitute for seeing your GP – just make sure you take your crystals with you when you do 😉

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